How Sex Toys Can Save Your Relationship

Let’s face it, no matter how amazing a relationship might be it is going to experience highs and lows. You have to work on a relationship, it’s not going to maintain itself. And if you’re in a long-distance relationship be ready to put forth a formidable amount of effort to keep it healthy. Depending on the state of your relationship there is one particular item that can keep spice up your relationship or keep things spicy: sex toys.

sex toys

How Toys Can Help

According to Sex Toy Education, in addition to feeling great, sex toys and sex games can build trust and communication in a relationship. They also bring a new level of passion, desire, and satisfaction. Toys lead to sex-positive thinking which can serve as a gateway to living out other fantasies and propelling things to new levels. We’re talking about mental and emotional health, playfulness, trust, confidence, and happiness in general. In fact, some studies have shown that couples who use vibrators have increased orgasm function, sexual desire, and sexual satisfaction. Another study showed that couples who used sex toys were overall more satisfied with their relationships and sex lives. Before having the toy talk with your partner, let them know any sex toy is not a substitute but an enhancement. If we were born with vibrating genitals this world would be a better place, but we were not. In that case, why not introduce something that can bring some good vibrations to the bedroom?

Sex isn’t just about sex, it is a mental, emotional, and spiritual connection between two people. When you are in a committed relationship and one of these elements gets out of balance it is guaranteed to wreak havoc. Sex toys can help restore this balance while enhancing intimacy and pleasure. I would like to make one thing very clear, though: toys are not for everyone. If you or your partner have any hesitation or aversion to these items, do not push the issue. You should never perform any act or use any product that you or your partner do not consent to 100%. If either of you are the slightest bit uncomfortable incorporating sex toys for any reason then do not use them. The last thing you want to do is damage your relationship and/or violate your partner in any way, shape, or form.

Knowing Your Body

If you are thinking about bringing toys into your relationship be sure to examine the reasons why so you can have a productive and progressive discussion with your partner. Even if your SO (significant other) is the best lover you have ever had, they are things which can make great sex even better. If the two of you are drifting apart or things in the bedroom have gotten a little stale, get ready to take your intimate life to a new plateau. Sex toys serve another very important function of helping people understand their bodies and what they need/want. Items such as vibrators are also helpful for those who have trouble climaxing or perhaps have never had an orgasm. And they can help us know what we enjoy so one can communicate this to a partner. If this is the case a vibrator is an essential tool for climaxing and helping a person become better acquainted with their body. And once you reach that important point you can share this important knowledge with your partner. Not to mention it might drive your SO completely wild to use a toy on you as you receive the benefits.

Mutual Masturbation

While you can use toys on each other you can also use them solo. There is nothing, I repeat absolutely nothing, wrong with spending a little quality time with yourself. In fact, masturbation is not only completely natural it is also very healthy. One of the benefits goes back to knowing your body and you are incorporating another method of a sex-positive mindset. While your hands might be perfectly adequate for self-exploration do not underestimate the physical satisfaction of sex toys. Considering as many as 70% of women need clitoral stimulation in order to climax, items like targeted vibrators are very well suited for the task. And since the elusive G-spot can be difficult to reach with hands alone, a vibrator is your best bet to have the kind of orgasm you have only heard about.

Once you have determined your physical needs, share them with your partner in an adult take on “show and tell”. Hint, this could also be a great way to finally introduce a toy to the bedroom. Masturbate in front of him/her demonstrate exactly what you need and ask your SO to do the same so you can please each other. This is also an intense intimacy-building exercise that will bolster other parts of your relationship. And if you are in a long-distance relationship please make this a regular practice! You can even get app-controlled sex toys your partner can activate from almost anywhere. Once you’ve tried something like the We-Vibe Nova or Kiiroo Long Distance Kit your time together while apart will never be the same, in a very good way.

Building Your Toybox

Ready to invest in a few items to save your relationship? Start by shopping for sex toys together and purchase items that will benefit both of you. You can browse online and find good options with specific searches plus you can read user reviews. Or you can go to a store and ask the staff what they recommend. If you have any specific requirements or concerns when it comes to buying a toy(s) please be entirely honesty if shopping in person. I assure you these people have likely heard nearly everything imaginable and they are there to help you, not judge you. If your relationship is in danger, please invest in sex toys. If you are in a long-distance relationship, consider making them a priority. Not only can they enhance your physical pleasure, but they can help to rebuild trust, intimacy, and communication. These are critical elements of any relationship and you will likely be surprised how effectively toys can help to restore these elements.