6 Reasons Why Women Cheat

The 21st century has seen the rise of cheating and infidelity. Broken relationships and marriages have been witnessed all over. Divorces too have been on the rise day by day. Even the happiest of marriages and relationships may be rocked with partners cheating. Women in relationships may cheat due to various reasons including:

1. A woman may cheat when she feels unappreciated. When a woman feels as though she is ignored or neglected, she may cheat. A woman needs to feel that she is recognized as a wife or girlfriend rather than a financial provider or nanny.

Seeking affection and appreciation outside a relationship may lead to cheating. When someone outside the relationship often appreciates her, she may cheat. She may feel that someone else recognizes her more than her partner.

2. A woman may cheat because she craves intimacy. Relationships have their up and downs. During such times, intimacy may die down. Intimacy involves the emotional connection between partners. Talking and having fun together form huge parts of intimacy. When this lacks, one may decide to seek it elsewhere.

3. A woman who is lonely may also cheat. Loneliness may come from long working hours of the spouse or regular travels. Emotionally unavailability in a relationship may also make a woman feel lonely.

There are very many causes of loneliness within relationships. These causes may drive a woman into cheating. Cheating makes a woman seek connections to fill the void with her.

4. Some women expect too much from a relationship. A woman may expect that her spouse should always be around her throughout. When this does not happen, she may seek attention elsewhere. One may also expect that the partner will meet all her needs indefinitely. Where this does not occur, cheating may transpire.

5. Sexual satisfaction is important for both partners within a relationship. Women enjoy sex as much as men also do. When a woman is not satisfied by her man, she may seek satisfaction elsewhere. Partners should ensure that they are able to satisfy their partners when it comes to sex.

6. Women who may have experienced trauma in the early stages of life may cheat. This happens as an act of trying to master the trauma or abuse that she may have experienced earlier in life. Such abuse may affect a woman psychologically.

Cheating is a betrayal to a partner. There are many reasons why women cheat on their partners. Trust and communication should help in making relationships work. Intimacy and sexual satisfaction have to happen in order to get rid of cheating thoughts.

Signs That You May Be Pregnant

Pregnancy comes along with various symptoms. Some of these symptoms are evident immediately after conception while others take time before they start manifesting. The symptoms that women experience during pregnancy are not all the same. They may vary from one woman to another. Experiencing some of these symptoms may indicate that you may be pregnant including:

1. Tender and swollen breasts may be an indication of pregnancy. Breasts usually start to grow bigger and change shape during pregnancy. This happens in the preparation of milk production.

Breasts usually become sore and tender for a few months. They are sensitive during these times. This is caused by hormonal changes within the body.

2. Fatigue is evident in pregnant women. The hormone progesterone is produced in abundance during pregnancy. This hormone can easily put one into sleep. Increased production of blood during pregnancy may also lead to exhaustion and tiredness.

3. Slight bleeding may occur as the early symptoms of pregnancy. This happens when the attachment of the uterus wall and fertilized egg happens. It is known as implantation bleeding. It occurs about 10 days after egg fertilization has taken place. Some women may undergo abdominal cramping during the early stages of pregnancy.

4. Morning sickness is a common sign of pregnancy. Nausea may happen at any time of the day or night. It may be accompanied by vomiting or not. Estrogen levels within the body may heighten the feeling of nausea.

5. Hormonal changes within the body may cause headaches. Mild headaches may be experienced during the early stages of pregnancy. Back pains may also be experienced due to pregnancy.

6. A missed period is an obvious symptom that one may be pregnant. Periods do not transpire when one is pregnant. A missed or delayed period may be a sign that one is pregnant. However, not all missed periods are as a result of pregnancy. They may be from too much stress or either gaining or losing weight rapidly.

7. Mood swings occur during pregnancy. These are caused by hormonal changes within the body. One may become unusually emotional during these swings.

8. Constipation is usually caused by the increase of progesterone within the body of a pregnant woman. Progesterone leads to the slow movement of food within the intestines. Frequent urination can also be experienced as from the sixth week after conception.

There are very many symptoms that may be related to pregnancy. However, pregnancy tests should be carried out to ascertain whether you are indeed pregnant. It is the surest way of knowing whether or not you are pregnant.

How To Tell If Your Wife Is Cheating?

If you are doubting whether your spouse is still being true to your relationship, it is not a situation you should take lightly. This also means that you shouldn’t do something without thinking it through. Because even if it only seems like your wife is cheating, it doesn’t necessarily mean she is.

The following signs could be an indication that your wife is cheating. However, you should never base your evidence on a single article. Instead, get all your facts straight before coming to any final conclusions. Also, keep in mind that these signs are not full-proof in regards to unveiling a cheating partner. But they can indicate that something is wrong.

She Suddenly Becomes Very Private

Yes, married individuals have the right to their privacy. But when your spouse is becoming increasingly private, like if she freaks out when you touch her phone, she could be hiding something. Of course, you can’t force your way into her private space, and you shouldn’t. But talking about it could be a good start.

Communication Breaks Down

Are you finding it increasingly difficult to communicate with your wife? Does she seem distant and distracted the whole time? Or do you find that she doesn’t even pay attention to what you say anymore? It could be that she’s being distracted by someone or something else.

She Always Seems To Start An Argument

In addition to communication breaking down, does your wife seek out reasons to start a fight? In fact, you might even feel like she is trying to push you towards breaking point, which could be the case. Seeing as a partner that cheats usually tries to shift the blame, this behavior is typical.

Spending More And More Time Away From Work

Do you notice that your wife doesn’t really come home anymore? If she is finding every little excuse to stay away, it requires your attention. Although, as mentioned earlier, you should get all your facts straight before drawing any conclusions.

Confront Your Wife

Ultimately, the best way to find out if your wife is cheating is by confronting her. The last thing you want is to get a private investigator. But this is an option when she denies infidelity, but you are not convinced. That’s right. You can have her followed by professionals if you really feel you can’t trust her anymore.

But the point is to get it out in the open as soon as possible. Instead of brooding about what she might be doing, let her know you are paying attention.