Signs That You May Be Pregnant

Pregnancy comes along with various symptoms. Some of these symptoms are evident immediately after conception while others take time before they start manifesting. The symptoms that women experience during pregnancy are not all the same. They may vary from one woman to another. Experiencing some of these symptoms may indicate that you may be pregnant including:

1. Tender and swollen breasts may be an indication of pregnancy. Breasts usually start to grow bigger and change shape during pregnancy. This happens in the preparation of milk production.

Breasts usually become sore and tender for a few months. They are sensitive during these times. This is caused by hormonal changes within the body.

2. Fatigue is evident in pregnant women. The hormone progesterone is produced in abundance during pregnancy. This hormone can easily put one into sleep. Increased production of blood during pregnancy may also lead to exhaustion and tiredness.

3. Slight bleeding may occur as the early symptoms of pregnancy. This happens when the attachment of the uterus wall and fertilized egg happens. It is known as implantation bleeding. It occurs about 10 days after egg fertilization has taken place. Some women may undergo abdominal cramping during the early stages of pregnancy.

4. Morning sickness is a common sign of pregnancy. Nausea may happen at any time of the day or night. It may be accompanied by vomiting or not. Estrogen levels within the body may heighten the feeling of nausea.

5. Hormonal changes within the body may cause headaches. Mild headaches may be experienced during the early stages of pregnancy. Back pains may also be experienced due to pregnancy.

6. A missed period is an obvious symptom that one may be pregnant. Periods do not transpire when one is pregnant. A missed or delayed period may be a sign that one is pregnant. However, not all missed periods are as a result of pregnancy. They may be from too much stress or either gaining or losing weight rapidly.

7. Mood swings occur during pregnancy. These are caused by hormonal changes within the body. One may become unusually emotional during these swings.

8. Constipation is usually caused by the increase of progesterone within the body of a pregnant woman. Progesterone leads to the slow movement of food within the intestines. Frequent urination can also be experienced as from the sixth week after conception.

There are very many symptoms that may be related to pregnancy. However, pregnancy tests should be carried out to ascertain whether you are indeed pregnant. It is the surest way of knowing whether or not you are pregnant.